ESRB Listing Reveals Resident Evil 7 Plot, Characters

If you were one of those people that got the pants scared off of you while playing the Resident Evil 7 demo, you may want to duck and cover; the ESRB rating for the game may have just spoiled the Resident Evil 7 plot for you, along with naming the game’s main characters.

Resident Evil 7 was revealed at E3 2016 at the Playstation conference, and soon after a demo was released for Playstation 4 and virtual reality headsets that showed what could be called the “prologue” of the game. Now the ESRB’s rating has spoiled minor parts of the Resident Evil 7 plot, and named the main character.

Resident Evil 7’s PT-like first-person scares are something of a departure from the main Resident Evil series, but Capcom already said they intended to bring the game back to its survival horror roots, instead of trying to make it Call of Duty with Zombies (especially since Call of Duty is doing that already).

According to the ESRB, the game focuses around a new character named Ethan, who is searching for his wife in a big, empty mansion. Whether any familiar faces like Leon, Claire, Chris, Jill, Barry, or any of the other Resident Evil characters.

In addition to a minor summary of the Resident Evil 7 plot, we also get a few inklings of things that will happen in the game, and weapons that will be available. These weapons include chainsaws, flamethrowers, explosives, shotguns, and pistols, and as for things that happen in the game, someone’s leg is going to get taken off at the knee with a shovel, and a shovel will also impale someone through the face.

Considering that the E3 demo involved someone getting hooked through the jaw and another person getting stabbed with a machete, we’ll likely definitely be keeping up the gore factor here.