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No Man’s Sky Discoveries Allegedly Being Wiped When Players Leave

No Man’s Sky has likely had one of the biggest turnarounds in gaming, with the various complaints that there’s nothing to do, nothing to see and that the gameplay is very bare bones with nothing to show for it. This has only increased now as apparently, No Man’s Sky discoveries by new players are being wiped.

No Man’s Sky builds itself on players exploring the galaxy, naming planets and plants and animals, and learning the languages of the three major species that populate the galaxy. However, many of those planets are extremely dull, and the game doesn’t have very much to do yet. Even accomplishing the goal of getting to the center of the galaxy just puts you back at the start.

The fact that No Man’s Sky discoveries were being wiped comes from Reddit user Dark_Nexis, who claimed that he was able to find his way back to his starting planet, only to see that none of the things he had named wildlife and plants had been saved after he had left. According to him, other nearby planets he had explored had also been wiped of the things he had discovered.

It’s likely that the discoveries are being erased because the No Man’s Sky galaxy is so vast that Hello Games doesn’t think that you’ll ever be able to find your way back (and why would you want to, after you’ve explored your starting world a bunch?) but if someone else finds their way to your planet, and can’t see what you’ve named your animals, it kind of ruins the whole “You can name everything” angle.

While naming all of the No Man’s Sky discoveries that you come across can be tiresome, it at least made players feel like they left something of a mark on the galaxy, and having it wiped just puts another disappointment nail in the coffin of No Man’s Sky.