GTA Online Double RP And Cash Coming To Freemode Events

Rockstar is giving double RP and cash in GTA Online for competing in the Freemode events. However, GTA Online double RP and cash is a limited time offer.

GTA Online Double RP which will only be available for the next seven days. Also Rockstar has updated the Tuneables, which means there is a new round of discounts and price promotions on items. Also the Freemode events will be quite frequent, happening every five minutes instead of 30 minutes.

The events included in Freemode are Hunt The Beast, multiple races with specific criteria and more. Also there is new premium race along with discounts on Vapid FMJ and Sultan RS cars, also there are price drops for pistols, body armor, weapon finishes, assault rifles and SMGs.

In related news, Rockstar released Cunning Stunts update for GTA V which brought new races, cars and more. Now, it seems that Rockstar plans to release GTA V Biker DLC next.

The Cunning Stunts update has references towards a new biker DLC for GTA V. The updates contains the scripts that make references to bad deal, initiation, joust, rescue contact, and export.

The files contain another script called “personal mod garage” and has a “am_mp” prefix which is usually related to owning properties in the game. SO there is a possibility that players will get there own bike customization garage.

Grand Theft Auto is an open world third person shooter developed by Rockstar for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: TezFunz2.