The Uncensored World of Street Fighter V Mods, Naked, Sexy and Downright Creepy

Video game as a medium gives us the freedom to make numerous changes, no other form of art allows that. However, sometimes the changes we make turn out to be offensive to some.

Street Fighter V modding scene is a pretty big deal among the community. But the modding scene is filled with overly sexualized mods.

Part of the community was already furious over some camera angle changes that over sexualized female characters.

The modding forums and sites are full of images that are highly offensive to one section of the community. Some suggest that such mods should have their own space while others think that would be censorship or at least a form of it.

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One thing is clear that newcomers may be dissuaded from even getting started at all if all they see is naked bosoms. It is a touchy issue and one that brings to mind the term “PC Culture.”

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PC culture refers to a relatively recent uptick in overtly active campaigns for a more inclusiveness, diversity and general acceptance in all facets of life – be it art, business etc. While that shows the passion of the community, it can be argued that PC culture is inflammatory.

Our YouTube lead James Kuckoon discussed the topic in detail in the video above. Check it out and share your thoughts and views about Street Fighter V mods in the comments below.