New Mafia 3 Trailer Introduces The Mentors Who Helped Shape Lincoln Clay

Publisher 2K has released the final trailer in the six part trailer series for Mafia 3. The new Mafia 3 trailer gives us the glimpse of those who have mentored Lincoln Clay, and made him the man we will see in the game.

This new Mafia 3 trailer introduces us to Father James Ballard, who is the adoptive father of Lincoln Clay, who has offered salvation and guidance to him. The trailer gives us the glimpse of how Father James Ballard will influence Lincoln’s decisions, as the trailer also depicts that he is not happy with Lincoln’s path to revenge.

The new Mafia 3 trailer also introduces us to John Donovan, who is a CIA agent and has served with Lincoln in Vietnam war. Donovan is the opposite of Father James Ballard, as the priest tries to convince him to seek another path, Donovan pushes Lincoln’s thirst for revenge in order to complete his mission, about which we don’t know nothing.

It seems that Mafia 3 will feature multiple ways to complete a certain task, either players can take the path of destruction or take a less destructive path. Whichever patch you choose will effect your relation with the characters.

In other news, Hangar 13 has manged to include over 100 classical songs in Mafia 3. With Mafia 3 songs, players can fully immerse themselves in the sixties.

Mafia 3 follows the story of Lincoln Clay, who is out for vengeance and intends to build his own criminal empire. In his quest there will be three underbosses that will remain alongside Lincoln Clay – Cassandra, leader of the Haitian gang, Thomas Burke from the Irish mob, and Vito Scaletta, the lead character from Mafia 2.

According to Hangar 13, the underbosses can turn on Lincoln if they feel betrayed. But that is not necessary if you keep them all happy.

Mafia 3 is an open world third person action game in development at Hangar 13, and the game is schduled to release on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.