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New Duke Nukem Game Might Be Coming, Countdown Appears

A countdown has appeared on the official Duke Nukem website, implying that either a new Duke Nukem game may be coming soon, or a re-release may be in the works. 2016 is the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D, so it’s possible we may be looking at a remastered version of what is seen as one of the better early first-person shooter games.

Either way, Duke Nukem will have a long road ahead of it before it wants to be taken seriously again. After fifteen years of nearly no news related to Duke Nukem Forever, the game was finally released in 2011…and bombed. The game was torn apart by critics for poor performance, bad humor, bad graphics, and simple mechanics.

Other criticisms at the game were leveled at its heavily misogynistic take on women. Women in Duke Nukem Forever were normally treated as sex objects and were discarded without a second thought, which many (including former G4 commentator Adam Sessler) criticized the game heavily for.

There’s no inkling of whether a new Duke Nukem game or a remaster of Duke Nukem 3D will be coming when the countdown hits zero, but hopefully after the dismal failure of Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox Software, who picked up the game after Triptych Games closed down, has learned a few things.

However, at the same time, Duke Nukem Forever may have soured a lot of people on the possibility of another Duke Nukem game. Gearbox will have to make it look a great deal better than Forever did in order to draw enough attention to make developing the game worth it.

If you want to take a look at the timer for the possible new Duke Nukem game yourself, you can visit the official Duke Nukem website, where the countdown timer is currently at eight days, 3 hours, 35 minutes, and 30 seconds (counting down).