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Halo Online Cancelled In Russia, No Free-To-Play for Them

Saber Interactive has declared Halo Online cancelled in Russia. Apparently the reason for the cancellation was because Microsoft apparently did not have confidence in the game’s future, and Saber Interactive, the developer they worked with, was having enormous problems with the game, enough to close its public Russian beta. Rumors have been circulating of the game’s shutdown for several months now.

Originally the game would have been a multiplayer-only free-to-play game, and had been in development for the past several years. However, tit appears that a number of different problems were responsible for getting the game canned, though there is no complete reason, that we know. However, it’s likely that the game’s cancellation has disappointed a large number of Halo fans.

Considering that Microsoft has lately indicated a new interest in bridging the gap between its PC and console platforms, they may be intending to make a more widespread version of Halo Online. Considering that Halo 5: Guardians is already getting Forge on PC to play around with, Microsoft may have had Halo Online cancelled in response to that.

While Halo 5: Guardians likely won’t be getting a PC port, Halo 6 will likely be one of the games added to the Xbox One Play Anywhere program in the future.

That program already will include games like Forza, Sea of Thieves, and Gears of War 4, some of Microsoft’s most hotly-anticipated games, and Halo 6 will likely join them when it comes out.

Whatever the reason is that got Halo Online cancelled, it’s likely that Microsoft has even bigger ideas for Halo in the future. Considering that Halo 5’s multiplayer is expanding all the time, plus the popularity that Halo Wars 2’s beta got, it’s likely that we’ll eventually be getting a Halo game able to be played between PC and console that will have everything that Halo Online intended to have, and more.