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Artist Draws Concept Art of The Last of Us VR Game

Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed 2013 game The Last of Us has gotten some new life breathed into it, after an artist created a concept art piece of what The Last of Us VR would look like, if Naughty Dog ever did something like it. The picture was even posted on Neil Druckmann’s Twitter page.

The Last of Us was already a pretty game to begin with, which worked in its favor both graphics-wise and drama wise as you made your way through crumbling, abandoned cities and fought up-close and personal battles with Cordyceps zombies and human bandits.

In the picture, which you can find here, Ellie and Joel are standing at the front of a ruined building. While they’re not the focus of the game, you do have the opportunity to rotate the “camera” 360 degrees and take in the rest of the building.

As you do so, you’ll be able to see its decaying floors, the greenery taking over the structure, and the sunlight that streams in through the open places in the walls.

The Last of Us VR is an interesting concept, though it’s unlikely that Naughty Dog will implement a new version of the game with it or even try and put VR in the next Last of Us game, if there’s one coming.

With VR in the game, the fights and sense of decay that you see in the game can be a lot more pronounced and visceral, and definitely more horrifying if you get your throat ripped out by a zombie or your head torn off by a Bloater.

Since there’s not going to be any The Last of Us VR game anytime soon, you might be better off hoping someone that wants to develop a virtual reality game gets inspired and decides to make a game like it, especially if it involves you moving around an abandoned city.