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WWE 2K17 Gets Goldberg Entrance Trailer and He is Looking Good

One of the most important things in wrestling is definitely the entrances of the wrestlers, many of which can take a good bit of time to run through. WWE 2K17 shows off how long one particular entrance will take when it shows off one of its pre-order characters: Bill Goldberg.

Taking place in the Bakersfield, California stadium of Radobank Arena, Goldberg gets a two-minute introduction all to himself as he’s escorted out of his dressing room by a quartet of police officers. The Georgia native’s WWE 2K17 model is almost perfect, as you can see a large number of details on his model that even include his chiseled abs, which are so defined you could probably grate cheese on them.

His entrance into the WCW event includes music, pyrotechnics, and commentary, and the energy Goldberg displays as he walks to the ring lets the audience know that he’s ready to rumble with whoever his opponent in.

Goldberg will be joining a variety of other wrestlers that have served as pre-order bonuses in previous WWE games, such as Sting, Ultimate Warrior, and Arnold Schwarzenneger. Prior to his announcement as a pre-order character, Goldberg was made two-time World Champion, once in the World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, and once in the World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Champion.

Goldberg has also been declared the United States World Heavyweight Champion of the WCW, and the WCW World Tag Team Champion alongside Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

All of these achievements make Goldberg a very good choice to make a pre-order character for WWE 2K17, even with Brock Lesnar being on the cover of the game.

WWE 2K17 will be releasing on October 11, so you’ve still got a good bit of time until the game comes out if you want to play Goldberg to pre-order the game.