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Titanfall 2 Tech Test: Better or Worse?

Recent impressions of Titanfall 2 are conflicting and confusing. Some say it’s a step down from the first game, others say there’s nothing you can’t love about this game.

Various reviews have mentioned complaints about level design and the lack of a timer countdown for players to be able to use Titan forms. Others have stated that the tutorial isn’t comprehensive enough, or that pilot abilities are minimalistic, and feel useless.

On the other hand, some reviews claim that Respawn is on the right track with this one. With the addition of a singleplayer mode, as well as different match types, the game is set to have far more variety than ever before.

According to the game director, Steve Fukuda, their decision to slow down movement speed and create less ‘chaotic’ levels was based on the apparent exhausting whirlwind that the first game’s battles ended up being.

When asked what his favorite additions to multiplayer were, Fukuda responded by saying that he was really looking forward to the progression system –leveling your Titans, your weapons, and yourself separately. With an apparently infinite level system, he’s curious to see how high players will get.

Recently, Respawn posted a list of changes they’ll be making, based on player feedback. These changes include bringing up movement speed, bringing back a form of Titan timer, a faster Titan dash recharge, more and better maps, and tweaks to the HUD, so as not to reveal pilots at long range.

Another tech test is scheduled for Friday, hopefully including all of these changes and fixes. As for the future, Fukuda and his team are all for conforming the game to player wants and needs, and are considering many more options for the game. When asked whether cross-platform gaming was a possibility, Fukuda stated that it wasn’t planned for the launch, but they weren’t closed to the possibility.

All of these changes to an already popular and hyped game makes for some serious excitement and anticipation on our parts. Here’s to hoping that the final product of Titanfall 2 will outshine its predecessor when it’s released.