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New Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapons For Link Shown in the Video

Nintendo has released a video onto the internet that shows off a number of new Breath of the Wild weapons that Link can use during his adventures in Hyrule. Ranging from a greatsword to a battleaxe to at least one magical wand, Link will definitely not want for new tools during the game, especially when you factor in the runes.

Many of these weapons are shown doing what Link does best: killing enemies. With these clips, we can show off a number of moves for the new Breath of the Wild weapons. For instance, Link’s greatsword has a spin move that lasts for a good thirty seconds, allowing players to go into a mob of enemies and likely clear them all out through successive hits.

There’s also an axe that sends out a shockwave when it hits the ground, apparently triggered when Link does a jumping attack. There’s also a magic wand that shoots fireballs, which also allows Nintendo to show off Breath of the Wild’s fire tech. The wand is able to either shoot off individual fireballs, or fire multiples ones as a charge attack.

One of the strangest weapons, however, is that you can apparently use the limbs of enemies as weapons. This is demonstrated by Link using a Bokoblin arm to whack other Bokoblins with. As they’re skeletons it doesn’t really matter, but they apparently break after a time, and when they break, they break explosively.

As yet another way for Breath of the Wild to change the Zelda norms, when Link throws the weapon away before it breaks, it breaks outright when it hits an enemy, destroying all of them in the explosion.

All of these clips of the new Breath of the Wild weapons just built up more anticipation for the game’s release, and considering it will be a launch title for the Nintendo NX and will also be releasing on the Nintendo Wii U. If you want to take a look at the new Breath of the Wild weapons yourself, the video is up at the top of this article.