Battlefield 1 VS Titanfall 2, Which One To Buy?

Its that time of the year where so many games are released and gamers become confused about which one to buy. Electronic Arts is one of the biggest game publisher in the industry, and with so many games under its belt it becomes hard for gamers to choose which one to buy. While in September there might not many games that will be published by EA, but October is the most important month for the company.

Battlefield 1 VS Titanfall 2

Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 are two different first person shooter franchises, and both will be published by EA. However, usually developer or publishers release their games with a little gap between them. But EA is releasing both games just few days apart.

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EA does not expect that both of these games will deplete each other’s player base. While that might be true, but most of the gamers will be confused about which one to go for. Because lets be honest, not all of us has big fat wallets.

So, we are going to make it easy for you, by giving you the pros and cons of both, so you can decide which one is good for you.

Singleplayer Campaign

So the first round of Battlefield 1 VS Titanfall 2 is singleplayer. There are basically two types of gamers. One are those who like to enjoy the singleplayer campaigns, and second are those who prefer to play online with their friends.

Technically speaking Battlefield franchise has always been about the multiplayer, and the franchise has a kind of rocky history of singleplayer campaign. Personally speaking, I never enjoyed Battlefield singleplayer campaigns, while they do have a good production value but they lack something that makes them forgettable.

On the other hand we have Titanfall 2, which is being developed by Respawn Entertainment. Those of you who follow the gaming trends and news regularly, know that Respawn was founded by ex-Infinity Ward developers who had a big hand in developing games like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

Now why did they left Infinity Ward, or forced to leave is another matter entirely. But one thing is for sure that these people know how to make a action packed and emotionally engaging singleplayer campaigns.

So if you are one those gamers who like to enjoy the story and explosions, then the winner of this round is Titanfall 2.


Now the multiplayer comparison is kind of complicated, but I will try my best to present you best of both games.

As I mentioned before, Battlefield franchise is all about the multiplayer. So it comes as no surprise that Battlefield 1 is being heavily marketed as a multiplayer game. Its been months since its reveal and still we have not seen a single gameplay for the campaign.

This time around DICE has taken a break from the modern shooters, and has opted for World War 1 as a setting for the game. The developers are trying to make the game as historically accurate as possible, with introducing weapons that existed at the time, like pistols, snipers, tanks and more.

On the other hand, Titanfall 2 is set in a futuristic universe with Titans and advanced weaponry. The multiplayer for the game is insane, as players can run on walls while they shoot their opponents, and the most badass of all, is that players can drive titans, which are giant mechs with awesome features.

Also Battlefield 1 features 64 player matches, with huge open maps which are perfect for a simulation of a war. However, Titanfall 2 features relatively smaller maps, but offers quick action.

So for this round of Battlefield 1 VS Titanfall 2 there is no winner, as it goes down to which kind of multiplayer experience you prefer . If you like the old fashioned boots on the ground type multiplayer with dynamic weather. Then Battlefield 1 is made for you.

If you like fast paced, chaotic multiplayer with players running vertically on walls and giant mechs going toe on toe with on another. Then Titanfall 2 is the obvious choice.


The gameplay for both games can be described as opposites of one another. Just like their settings, both games offer a different kind of gameplay experience.

With Battlefield 1 the gameplay is more realistic and boots on the ground. Not to mention the environments are completely destructible, which makes the multiplayer matches even more exciting. However, as Battlefield 1 is more realistic so the gameplay is comparatively slower paced than Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2’s gameplay is very fast paced, as players need to think quickly about their next action. While the environments in Titanfall 2 are not completely destructible, but they are as much detailed as any other AAA game out there.

However, given that the game allows players to run on walls or jump really high, which are not present in Battlefield 1, destructible environments in this game does not really make any sense.

So it all comes down to what kind of gameplay experience players like to enjoy in this round of Battlefield 1 VS Titanfall 2, the fast paced action of Titanfall 2 or the more realistic and boots on the ground action of Battlefield 1.

So what do you think of Battlefield 1 VS Titanfall 2? Did I missed something? Let us in the comments.