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Microsoft Thinks Xbox Play Anywhere Has “A Tremendous Value”

Microsoft announced its Xbox Play Anywhere feature at E3 2016, and since its reveal gamers on both Xbox One and PC are excited. The functionality lets you buy a digital game on Xbox One once and you can also play the game on PC too, with all your save files and statistics.

According to Microsoft, Xbox Play Anywhere has great value for gamers and for the company as well.

Speaking with Dualshockers, Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg discussed how Xbox Play Anywhere will bring new players to their games and how it will increase the profile of each franchise. In his exact words, this functionality is of “tremendous value”.

So that is absolutely exciting. To be able to do that and to say: You’ll be able to play both versions on both platforms without having to pay twice… I think is a tremendous value.

He also added that Xbox Play Anywhere titles will sell pretty well on PC. According to Greenberg, most gamers play on multiple devices.

I think we will see that a lot of gamers, despite us putting them in already pre-defined buckets, most gamers play on multiple devices. They play on the console and on the PC.

According to Greenberg, he is pretty confident that players will support Xbox Play Anywhere, and this will allow them to continue it and bring more games with this functionality.

It gives a lot more value to the games for fans. So we’re excited and we’ll see. It’s something that we’d like to hear people’s feedback about, and hopefully they’re excited about it and they’ll support it, so that we can continue to do it, and other partners will see the opportunity there as well.

The first to support Xbox Play Anywhere, ReCore, is releasing next month. Other titles to include this functionality are Forza Horizon 3, Gears Of War 4 and Halo Wars 2.

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