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Madden NFL 17 Giveaway: Win a Copy for the Platform of Your Choice

Winner Update

Nathan Crowder is our winner for Madden NFL 17 Giveaway.

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With the release of Madden NFL 17, the series has taken a small but significant leap in the direction.

After a long time Madden truly feels like Madden and it is safe to say that it is American football at its finest. If you are yet to experience Madden NFL 17 from EA Sports, we are giving our readers a chance to win a free copy.

Follow a couple of quick and easy steps to participate in our Madden NFL 17 Giveaway. You can win two copies for the platform of your choice – be it PlayStaion, Xbox or PC.

To enter, complete following two steps:

Step #1
You simply need to subscribe to our SegmentNext YouTube Channel. You can either do this by hitting the Subscribe button embedded below or by heading over to the link!

Once you have successfully subscribed, your name will automatically be entered in the list of participants out of which we will select two lucky winners through a random draw. As for our currently subscribed viewers, their names have already been entered.

Step #2
Comment on this article, you’re contributing to the discussion: Do you think Madden NFL needs a mainstream rival in order for it to be on its toes and really excel? Or are you happy with what this franchise has to offer?

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