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Sea of Thieves Progression System and Customizations Discussed

Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves is a highly anticipated title on Xbox One and PC. The game is expected to hit storefronts in 2017 so devs are keeping details close to their chest. However, we were able to get some new information out of them.

Speaking with SegmentNext, Mike Chapman talked about Sea of Thieves Progression System and Character Customizations. He revealed that the system in place is quite detailed and leaves the player with an array of choices; when it comes to character customization.

Players are able to mess around with clothing, their trinkets and how they look overall. The items and weapons you use can also be progressed.

Players will be able to customize a lot of aspects about their character, such as their clothing, their trinkets and how they look overall. Players will also be able to progress the things they have such as equipment and weapons.

However, we want to encourage players to perform different roles on the ship based the situations they find themselves in, so we decided not to lock players into defined roles, such as always being better at operating the sails or firing the cannons. The difference between good crews and excellent crews will be how well they work together on the ship and how they decide who does what in any given moment, just as you would expect if you were on a real ship.

Players will also be able to customize and upgrade the ships they own. However, one of the most exciting features about the game is playing on someone else’s ship. This allows you to see the choices they made and how they are progressing.

Such a game seems like a heaven for Microtransaction but Chapman refrained from speaking about the topic. According to him, their main focus is getting the game in closed beta and it will evolve based on player feedback.