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Scalebound’s Dragon Link System Preview, The Dragon is Not a Mere Showcase

Despite having a great initial reveal, Scalebound has had pretty lackluster gameplay presentations so far and perhaps the biggest thing driving its hype right now is the name of the developers, Platinum Games, the guys behind games like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish.

Well it seems that might partly have been due to Platinum holding back on talking about some of the features present in the game. While we know from earlier talks that players can control their dragon in the game, from the Gamescom 2016 gameplay preview, it seems like the system is actually more in-depth and robust than simply switching characters.

The dragon does not feel like just an ultimate ability which players can use after filling up a meter or simply switching characters like other RPGs. The whole gameplay dynamic changes drastically and Scalebound turns from an Action RPG to a Godzilla-like brawler.

Once players use the Dragon Link, which lets them control their pet dragon, they can fight toe to toe with the enemy monster instead of worrying about getting squashed under its feet.

Player and dragon gameplay goes hand in hand so dragon actually plays a huge role in winning battles. It can be used to smash open weak points on the enemy or generally weaken them and then players can exploit those weaknesses with their sword for some critical damage.

The Dragon Link leaves the player rooted in a place and exposed to monster attacks but that’s where the system kicks things up a notch. Not only does the pet dragon attack monsters but during Dragon Link, it is also on guard duty and protects the player.

The game’s amazing combo system also works in tandem with Dragon Link as players can set up huge combos that not only look cool but also are extremely useful in monster encounters.

Scalebound is scheduled for a 2017 release on Xbox One and Windows 10.