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The Processor Powering HoloLens Revealed and Detailed

With Sony focusing so much on VR and is closing in on the release of PlayStation VR, many wonder why Microsoft never even bothered with VR. Well, that is because Microsoft is looking way ahead into the future. And according to the company, the future is Augmented Reality.

The augmented reality headset that costs $3000 is yet to make it to the mainstream market. It is not affordable for the time being and Microsoft believes the world is not yet ready for HoloLens. The device is using amazing technology and power that transfers you to another dimension it seems.

Microsoft recently spoke about HoloLens and revealed the source of its power. Microsoft devices engineer Nick Baker provided some details about what’s inside HoloLens.

The HPU (Hololens Processing Unit) is a custom-designed TSMC-fabricated 28nm coprocessor that has 24 Tensilica DSP cores. The device benefits from 65 million logic gates, 8MB of SRAM, and 1GB of low-power DDR3 RAM.

Everything is packed inside a 12mm-by-12mm BGA package.

The HPU handles environment sensing and other AR related tasks. Another 1GM of ram is available to Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor. The HPU itself is able to perform a trillion calculations per second while running at 10W.

HoloLens runs on Windows 10 and there are no final release to make it available or affordable to our average consumer.

Source: The Register