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Playstation Plus Price Increase Will Be Coming in September

Playstation Plus members will be getting a Playstation Plus price increase in September in the United States and Canada, increasing the pricing of the various levels of subscription you’ll be buying. Sony just announced the price increase today. If you’re already a Playstation Plus member, you’ll be paying for the increased price the next time your subscription renews.

The Playstation Plus price increase will be increasing a twelve month subscription from 49.99 USD and CAD to 59.99 USD and 69.99 CAD. The three month subscription will go from 17.99 to 24.99 USD and 29.99 CAD, while the 1-month subscription will remain constant at 9.99 USD but will be increasing to 11.99 for Canadian users.

According to Sony the Playstation Plus price increase is happening due to changing market conditions, and is the first time that the service has had its price increased ever since Playstation Plus debuted in 2010. While there’s no word if Microsoft will end up also increasing the cost of Xbox Live, we shouldn’t rule it out.

However, if Microsoft doesn’t, they might be in position to get a lot of new jilted Playstation fans that want a cheaper online experience. This might especially be true considering Xbox Live’s “Games for Gold” program has better taste in games.

Playstation Plus allows Playstation owners to go online and play multiplayer in Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 games, but if you don’t want to keep paying for games, you can still access the Playstation Store for free, without having to spend more money on maintaining a Playstation Plus subscription.

At the same time, the Playstation Plus price increase can likely just be ignored if you go for the annual subscription, which is basically like paying for a regular, full-price video game once a year instead of having to renew it 4 times a year or 12 times a year.

There hasn’t been any mention of a price increase for the service in Europe, but Sony may just be delaying the news for a while. Either way, they’ll likely announce it when they finally decide to increase the price over there.