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One Pokemon Go Player Tested a Theory and Got His Entire Country Banned!

Pokemon Go player tried to test his theory about Pokemon Go and proved himself wrong. However, doing so he got his entire country banned from Niantic Servers.

Here’s what happened.

A reddit user Mewtow_captured is running a Pokémon mapping service and needed access to Niantic servers. He had anonymous pre-paid mobile cards issued by a Belgian mobile operator Proximus to get unlimited access to Niantic servers. He used one of the biggest Belgium carriers to launch a 2000 accounts scan using a single sim card.

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So some people go around trying to digress my theory about whitelisting/ip bans/mobile carrier.
I just found out a mobile carrier in my country has unmetered data plan to pokemon go api. I bought 6 different prepaid sim card for 3€ each, plugged them and went to whatismyip : All the same exit point NAT ip even though the internal ip were private/different.

So what i’m about to do is go to a public spot with my laptop today and launch a 2000 accounts scan using a single sim card. If the whole parc gets softbanned, there’s no whitelisting. If only my accounts inside the scanner gets banned, they’re detecting account base and IP softban isn’t a thing anymore. If none gets softbanned : there’s whitelisting going on.

tl;dr : Gonna try out the theory live tonight and will post an update here. If whitelist is a thing, I could power a worldwide scan through a single IP. Or maybe i’ll have an angry crowd of pogo players chasing me cause I just ruined their night.

edit: success, scanned with 1000 different accounts with one of those simcard without ever getting a single empty scan result. Data being unmetered means i can redirect all my traffic through one of those simcard. Whitelisting happens for 3G/4G networks (at least for proximus) and this is how FastPokeMap is going to function now.

Well, the genius got everyone got every Proximus user in his country banned from playing Pokemon Go. Proximus was offering free data to its users to play Pokemon Go but the company has now agreed with Niantic to not offer free data.

Mewtow_Captured ruined it for an entire country, although the service has now been restored.