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DICE Is Focusing on “Fun Over Realism” For Battlefield 1

Fans of the first person shooter franchise had been itching for a World War based video game. While a certain other franchise ignored the feedback, DICE listened to the fans and started to work on Battlefield 1 which is set in World War 1. However, not everything depicted in the game will be historically accurate, as DICE will take some liberties.

Speaking with VG24/7 DICE’s Robert Sammelin said that Battlefield 1 is first and foremost a game designed for the enjoyment of players. He also said that DICE has done its best to remain true to the World War 1 without compromising on the fun part.

He also added that World War 1 was a dark and brutal time, and DICE intentionally removed these aspects of war as they were not fun. He said that DICE wanted to focus on fun rather than realism.

When asked whether DICE has taken some overt liberties for Battlefield 1, Sammelin responded that there were multiple weapons that were developed later in World War 1. However, in Battlefield 1 players will be able to use them from the get go.

He also said that multiple factions that were involved in the World War 1 were also moved as the developer saw convenient, to make the game more interesting.

In other news, DICE’s Lars Gustavsson has teased that a new multiplayer map for Battlefield 1 will use fog like Sinai desert map takes advantage of sand.

According to Gustavsson, when the fog swoops in players will not be able to see much and they will only see shadows on the fog and will not be able to differentiate from friend or a foe.

It’s amazing, you know. Especially on a map I shouldn’t be mentioning yet. It suddenly goes totally silent in the heat of the battle when the fog kicks in [on this map]. People can’t see much around them, and you notice the sudden silence in the office. You see shadows lurking and you don’t know if it’s friend or foe. I think it brings very different type of gameplay to the battlefield.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.