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CFN Reveals Street Fighter Superhero Costumes Concept Art

We might have gotten some Street Fighter superhero costumes if Capcom had okay’d it, according to a post on the CFN portal. The concept art in question showed all of the Street Fighter characters dressed up in a variety of tokusatsu (a catch-all term for Japanese filmmaking that makes use of special effects)-style costumes.

Tokusatsu is best known for going with the “man in rubber suit” method of special effects, such as with Godzilla, Gamera, Jet Jaguar, and a number of other such monster movies. However, it can also apply to Henshin shows, mainly things like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and others.

All of the colorful spandex and glowing appendages on the Street Fighter superhero costumes points them towards the Henshin side of the tokusatsu scale, but we likely won’t be getting them.

The costumes come in all colors, sizes, and inspirations, such as Ryu looking like Cyclops, Karin wearing an Iron Man suit, Guile dressed up like a wind-based superhero, and Bison doing his best imitation of Black Shadow. Dhalsim is dressed up as an alien, complete with a UFO for a skirt and aliens grasping at his body in a Doctor Manhattan-like costume.

Street Fighter has had its share of weird costumes before. Street Fighter 4 had the “Wild Pack” costumes that turned everyone into anthropomorphic animals, and Street Fighter 5 has already had a number of new costumes for the characters, including more than a few swimsuit pieces.

While it’s a shame we’ll never see these Street Fighter superhero costumes for ourselves, we’re basically playing a superhero game already. With the goofy dialogue, overly-dramatic fights, and megalomaniacal villains that constantly threaten everyday life in the Street Fighter world, you’d think that the world would welcome a few superheros.

You can see these costumes in the gallery near the beginning of this article.