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Bungie Revealed New Destiny Rise Of Iron Weapons, Brings New Legendary And Exotic Weapons

Destiny Rise Of Iron is almost a month away from its launch and fans are already excited to get their hands on this new expansion. Recently, Bungie revealed that Khvostov rifle is making its way back in Rise of iron, now the developer has revealed a whole new sets of Destiny Rise of Iron weapons.

Bungie will be renewing the inventories of all Vanguard, Crucible and Faction Quartermasters along with new exotic weapons.

First up is the Occam’s Razor,which is a legendary shotgun. This weapon can be purchased from Vanguard Quartermaster or obtained via Legendary Engram. As you can see in the image below, this gun’s appearance and paint scheme is similar to Vanguard.


Next up is First Citizen IX, which is a heavy machine gun and by judging from the color scheme one can easily tell that this weapon belongs to New Monarchy. This legendary Destiny Rise Of Iron weapon can be purchased from New Monarchy Quartermaster or can be obtained through Legendary Engram.


Each New Day is a new rifle that has the same color scheme of that of Occam’s Razor. This weapon can be purchased from either Vanguard or Crucible Quartermaster.


That is not all, Destiny Rise Of Iron is also bringing some changes to Iron Banner along with new weapons. Bungie is re-designing the event to make it easier for the players to reach Rank 5. The new weapons for the Iron Banner that will be included with Rise Of Iron, are uniquely designed, check them out below.

New Trials Of Osiris weapons have also been included with Destiny Rise Of Iron. However, of them only one have been revealed. The Scout Rifle is one of the new Destiny Rise Of Iron weapons that will be included.


Furthermore, Destiny Rise Of iron also brings exotic weapons. Gjallarhorn, is a rocket launcher and those who have been playing destiny since its launch, know that how much powerful this weapon is. While, Gjallarhorn is coming back but Bungie has revealed that it would not be as powerful as it was in year one.

Destiny Rise Of Iron weapons

Destiny Rise of Iron will also include Trespasser, which is a new exotic sidearm, but not much have been revealed about this new weapon.


Last but not the least, Nemesis Star is an exotic heavy machine gun, and like Trespasser Bungie has not yet revealed anything about this weapon.


So what do you think of the new Destiny Rise Of Iron Weapons? Let us know in the comments.