Allison Road Development Has Resumed, According to Creator

According to its creator, Allison Road development has resumed after being supposedly cancelled earlier this year due to friction between the development team and Team17, the game’s publisher. The game, a first-person horror game along the lines of PT, announced the resumption of its development on its official Twitter page.

Allison Road has had something of a rocky development cycle. First it was being funded via Kickstarter, only for them to cancel the Kickstarter and refund everyone’s money after the game got picked up by an actual publisher.

Then, due to the friction between Team17 and the Allison Road development team, it was cancelled.

While we don’t really know the circumstances of what caused the game’s development to suddenly resume, hopefully Christian Kesler, the game’s creator, will elaborate on the circumstances later. Apparently, the game’s story has undergone a few changes, but for the most part what we will be getting is what the game promised when it was first revealed.

In the meantime, though Allison Road development has once again resumed, we don’t have any idea of two other crucial things: when it will be released, and who is funding it. With all of their kickstarter money returned to its owners, and the funding from Team17 gone after those tensions, who is funding the game’s development?

Until Kesler actually reveals that, Allison Road development will be worked on by Far From Home studios, which he has kicked off with his wife. This may be all that they need, considering that Kesler himself was responsible for the prototype that put the game on many survival horror gamers’ maps. Since a lot of the mechanics are still in place, Kesler is confident that he’ll be able to finish it himself, but if new features need to be implemented, he’ll go look for support.