Two Big Games Before The Elder Scrolls 6 Gets Its Turn

Fans of The Elder Scrolls franchise may have to wait longer than most were expecting for The Elder Scrolls 6, if a recent statement from Pete Hines is any indication. In an interview with GameStar, Hines confirmed that not only will the game not be on Gamescom but it is a long way from being released.

During the interview, Hines said

there are at least two big games from Bethesda Game Studios before Bethesda get around to Elder Scrolls 6

The previous ‘main’ installment of the franchise (not counting The Elder Scrolls Online) was released back in 2011 in the form of TES V: Skyrim. So it is natural that after five years, fans would want a new singleplayer game from the franchise and won’t simply be satisfied by a remastered version of Skyrim.

Another really interesting thing to note from Pete’s statement is his use of “Bethesda Game Studios”. So those who were a bit overjoyed by the statement thinking that Dishonored 2 and Prey might be those two games and Elder Scrolls 6 will be happening after their release will be disappointed.

Bethesda Game Studios is the development team of Bethesda publishers which develops the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchise. So no matter how many other Bethesda published games get released, Bethesda Game Studios needs to release two new games before they can release the next Elder Scrolls game.

Considering the time Bethesda Game Studios takes time to develop their games, after all there was a 7-year gap between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, realistically speaking, Elder Scrolls 6 might not happen for the next 4-5 years at the minimum.

The developers are about to be finished with Fallout 4 with the release of Nuka World DLC slated for next week. The Elder Scrolls fan in me wants them to release their two remaining games in the next 2 years, preferably in one year with an announcement for E3 2017.