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Titanfall 2 Is Being Treated As A New IP, Respawn Says

According to Respawn Entertainment, the developers are considering Titanfall 2 like a new IP instead of a sequel.

In a Gamescom 2016 interview, Respawn’s COO Dusty Welch and Art Director Joel Emslie said that Titanfall is being treated as a completely new IP due to fact that the original Titanfall did not release on Playstation 4.

Titanfall 2 Being Treated As a New IP

Welcoming the original Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC audience, Welsh said that ‘2’ signified the dual element of Titan and Pilot as well as the singleplayer and multiplayer modes of the game:

We’re really excited to welcome back that original Xbox One, 360 and PC audience. But Titanfall 2 is really a new IP at launch if you think about it. The Xbox One install base is two or three times what it was when Titanfall launched, the PC audience continues to grow. Then there’s the PS4 install base, which is enormous. It has a ‘2’ next to its name, but that signifies the dual elements of Titan and Pilot, and the single player and multiplayer.

Emslie added that the studio had to consider the community that did not play the original installment. Respawn basically had to make the game accessible for that audience, allowing them to pick up the game and start playing. As for fans of the original installment, there are story elements and and a ton of other aspects:

We have to consider that there’s a whole community that haven’t played Titanfall before. That was a challenge for us – how do we make sure that Titanfall 2 is something that anyone could pick up and you don’t need to have a played the original? For fans of the first game, we’ve added a lot of story elements and secrets that they’ll appreciate. But it’s a game that stands alone. It can reach out to that new community and they can enjoy it for the first time.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to release for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation on Oct. 28, 2016.

Source: MCVUK.