New Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Footage Shows the Game Running on a PlayStation 4

New Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay has been shown by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The video gives us a look at the game running on a PlayStation 4 system.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer looks great and its fluidity is really impressive. The game is running on 900p on PlayStation 4 but at 60FPS.

The fluidity of gameplay is all thanks to that 60 frames per second. It looks like EA’s decision to sacrifice resolution in favor of frame rate was correct.

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Meanwhile, Xbox One players would be disappointed to know that Titanfall 2 will run at 720p on their machine. This resolution on a mainstream gaming console in 2016 is shocking and frustrating to see. Microsoft certainly didn’t put much time into finalizing its specs.

Sony also didn’t do a very good job as its machine also can’t do 60FPS at 1080p.

Both companies are now working on new 4K consoles that will release in the near future. And EA think upgrading console hardware is a different but good idea.

Titanfall 2 publisher stated:

It’s an interesting, smart approach, and we’ll see how well it works. It’s something that we as a company are 100 percent behind. I got super excited when I saw what they are working on, and without giving you any information, the same is true of Sony. In general, this is a good thing

It is safe to say that companies are already working on games for these platforms and we will get to see their projects soon.