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Microsoft Was Not Worried About Project Scorpio Affecting Xbox One S

This console generation is passing by so quickly and one wonders just how long Microsoft will support Xbox One S. On top of that the company is already working on Project Scorpio, a new 4K compatible machine expected coming out next Fall.

Many were worried about the release of Xbox One S and some industry gurus predicted that the announcement of Project Scorpio would affect Xbox One S.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello stated that he was not worried about the announcement of Project Scorpio. He knew that Microsoft had a great strategy in place and was confident about the success of Xbox One S.

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I personally, I was never worried. I wasn’t surprised that people were asking that question but I was never worried. I was never worried because the Xbox One S is rad. We knew it was going to be an awesome console and I knew it’s going to beat people’s expectations and I knew how good the product was going to be at launch and I knew about our strategy of making games and accessories to be compatible which meant that I didn’t had to make a hard choice.

He went on to say:

Of course, when we were announcing that Project Scorpio was an all new system and nothing worked and you would be like ‘that is dumb” because anything I buy today is not going to work on it but anything you buy today is going to work on the Scorpio when it comes out. So the strategy made sense.

Xbox One S is out now in many countries and offers minor performance boost over Xbox One. Meanwhile, Project Scorpio won’t be discussed extensively until E3 2017 it seems.

Source: The Inner Circle