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Rise of Iron Won’t Have Trials of Osiris at Launch, New Achievements/Trophies Confirmed

We now have some more information regarding Destiny’s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron, directly from the game’s Community Manager.

According to Bungie, Rise of Iron will feature new Trophies on Playstation 4 and Achievements on Xbox One. Since the expansion will not launch on last-gen consoles, Achievement/Trophy Hunters might want to make the transition.

Destiny: Rise of Iron New Details

Apart from this, Bungie’s Community Manager has also confirmed that Trials of Osiris will not be available during the weekend when the new Raid starts. So yeah, those of you who were hoping to jump into Trials of Osiris on the launch date are in for a letdown.

In relevant Destiny news, Bungie has announced Destiny: The Collection which not only includes the vanilla game, but also all released expansions for the game as well as the upcoming Rise of Iron. The $60 edition can be digitally purchased right now which will allow players to download all available content at once and give them access to Rise of Iron when it releases next month in September. To read up more, head over to the post!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is scheduled to release on Sept. 20, 2016 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.