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Four New Pokemon Revealed by New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

Four new Pokemon have been revealed in a new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, including a full evolutionary chain and the pre-evolved form of a previously-revealed Pokemon. These only add to the large amount of Pokemon we’ve already gotten throughout the period since Sun and Moon was announced.

To start off with, we have the crab-like Fighting-type Pokemon Crabrawler. A lobster-like Pokemon that has claws that look like boxing gloves, Crabrawler is described as really hating to lose. It can also be founding using its claws to hang off of buildings, or collect berries.

Next, we have Sandygast and Palossand, an evolutionary line of Ghost/Ground-type Pokemon that look like sand castles. Sandygast actually has a brand new ability called Water Compaction, which allows its defense to go up by two if you’re hit by a Water-type attack, so this could be useful when you’re up against Water-type Pokemon or trainers that specialize in Water-types.

Palossand continues the tradition of rather disturbing Pokedex entries, as it lures small Pokemon close to it so that it can suck them into its mouth with its sand and then steal their life force. You know, for kids!

The last of the four new Pokemon is the Pokemon Stufful, a Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Bewear, which was revealed in a previous Pokemon expose. Stufful is described as being very timid and shy, and if something gets too close to it, it flails its paws around in order to defend itself. This is more dangerous than you’d think, as despite its size and adorable appearance it is very strong.

These four new Pokemon will likely be followed by a number of other Pokemon in the future, as Pokemon Sun and Moon aren’t supposed to come out until this November, specifically on November 18.