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A New Xbox One System Update Will Roll Out Soon

A new Xbox One system update is set to roll out today, and will be bringing with it a number of fixes to the Xbox One store, the controller, and even a few little cosmetic changes, such as shutting off the chime that the console makes when you turn it on and off. This is actually the second update this summer, as the last update to the console was in July.

When it comes to the console’s chime, you have a number of options. You can either turn it off completely, or alter its settings so that it plays depending on whether you turn your console on via voice commands or just by hitting the power button.

Otherwise, there’s a lot of other stuff to talk about on the new Xbox One system update. These included general system improvements, including adjustments to the store, signing in, the console’s guide, the game DVR, your controller, the “My Games and Apps” section, and localization.

There’s nothing about connectivity issues when it comes to the update’s patch notes, but considering that Tuesday’s downtime for Xbox Live was only limited to a relatively small number of people, Microsoft likely doesn’t think it’s a big deal to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The new Xbox One system update does have a few stability changes, however. A number of the improvements in the update are dedicated to ensuring that the Xbox registers things faster (for instance, you don’t have to click the “buy” button twice when purchasing a game now). The update also fixed crashes when using various apps or other apps failing to install.

If you want to see what sorts of improvements that Microsoft has made in the new Xbox One system update for yourself, you can take a look at the official patch notes…or just turn on your Xbox and take a little tour.