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Microsoft Says Xbox One Scorpio Will Be a Premium Product

Microsoft has made its position on the price of the Xbox One Scorpio quite clear: they want it to be a premium product. The upcoming upgrade to the Xbox One will undoubtedly cost more than a regular Xbox One or the Xbox One S, the slimmed-down version of the console.

The Xbox One Scorpio was first revealed during E3 2016, and quickly got a large amount of buzz going over whether it or the Playstation 4 Neo would end up being the better console, especially given their various capabilities.

Considering everything that’s going to be a part of the Xbox One Scorpio, you can’t really fault Microsoft for wanting to make it more expensive. In addition to being able to run videos and games at 4K resolution, it also comes with 6 teraflops of processing power, which will help it to gain a graphical edge over the Playstation 4 Neo.

All of this make it a big investment for Microsoft, so the Xbox One Scorpio will have to be more expensive, if they want to make a profit off of it. Thankfully, however, according to Xbox President Phil Spencer, it won’t be prohibitively expensive for interested gamers to spend money on it.

According to Spencer, PC gamers that already have computers that can run games in 4K don’t spend thousands of dollars on them. Microsoft intends to rake in a big audience with the Xbox One Scorpio, so it probably will be expensive enough to not have literally everyone buy one, but cheap enough that it won’t be an “elite” console.

Microsoft hasn’t released any sort of inkling on when exactly the Scorpio will be released, but it’s likely that we’ll be getting it sometime in early 2017, and it likely will go on sale for at least a good deal less than a thousand dollars.