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Italian Bishop Wants to Sue Niantic Over “Diabolical” Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been very successful ever since it came out but it looks like an Italian bishop may think it is sent by the devil himself. The man is threatening to sue Niantic over this “diabolical” AR game.

According to the Bishop, the game has turned its army of smartphone-wielding players into “walking dead”. Antonio Stagliano, the bishop of the southern town of Noto in Sicily, has threatened to sue developer Niantic over Pokemon Go.

The bishop wants this game off Google Play in Italy after declaring it “a totalitarian system close to Nazism.”

Pokemon Go is an AR game that asks players to catch Pokemon around them and sometime you will have travel miles in search of them.

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The game has already been banned in Iran and Thailand has already asked Niantic to make some adjustment to Pokemon Go or be banned.

With great power comes great responsibility, as Uncle Ben said.

It is Niantic’s responsibility to speak with Govt or influencers or have an issues with the game. If course, you can not convince religious fanatics.

The bishop is just of the religious influencers who wants the game dead. Recently, a muslim cleric issues a Fatwa on Pokemon Go and prohibited Saudi Arabians fro playing the game.