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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Wants to be a “Sub-Franchise”

Since the inception of Call Of Duty franchise there have been many tiles in the series and many of them have served a different purpose. Like Black Ops which is an individual game in a sub series, and other games like Ghosts, are just there to fill the year to year gap. However, Infinity Ward have plans to make Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare a part of a sub series.

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Speaking with Polygon, narrative director Taylor Kurosaki that the studio sees Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare as a new branch of Call Of Duty tree. He further said that the world they are developing can support multiple games.

We want to establish our own new sub-franchise, our own new branch of the Call of Duty tree. What we are developing here could certainly support multiple games. We’re trying to develop a very rich world that we’re not even close to exhausting.

He also added that the devs were very interesting in this setting, as it allowed them to do a lot of things to make gameplay better.

Everyone was interested in this setting. It afforded us a lot to do from a gameplay perspective. The setting was something we as a team were all united behind. Brian and I and Jacob Minkoff — the design director at Infinity Ward — the three of us set about looking to tell a classic story set against this more futuristic backdrop.

While there is no doubt that space is an interesting setting, but also it is a dramatic shift of tone from the previous games. The point is Infinity Ward is taking some risks with the franchise but it is also evident that most of the fans are hating the space setting for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Do you agree with Infinity Ward? Would you like the devs to develop a sequel for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare? Let us know in the comments.