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Ubisoft’s VR Games Will Release This Year, All Of Them

Ubisoft is working on a handful of VR games for PlayStation VR and other VR devices. Release dates for many of its games are announced which revealed that the studio is releasing all of its VR games will this year.

The much talked about Eagle Flight is coming out on Eagle Flight hits the former two on November 8 for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. Meanwhile, VIVA is getting Eagle Flight December 20th.

Moreover, Star Trek: Bridge Crew arrives on November 29 and Werewolves Within comes out on December 6. While they may not be major AAA games, they are sure to be great experiences.

It is beleived that VR games are best enjoyed in short burst experiences. Hence, we have Batman Arkham VR, Battlefront experience, Final Fantasy Experience etc. The only full fledged game coming to VR, at least for PlayStation VR, is Resident Evil 7.

VR is yet to make its mark in the market but it is growing exponentially. In the next decade we will see the rise of VR and other similar technology that will take over the console space, eliminating the traditional consoles as we know it.