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Phil Spencer Says Xbox Ideas After Scorpio Already in the Works

Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox, has said that console’s development team already has new Xbox ideas on what would be coming after Scorpio, even after another Microsoft executive said that he believed that the current console generation would be the last. Obviously, Spencer and the rest of Microsoft doesn’t believe that’s the case.

The Xbox One Scorpio was one of the biggest reveals from Microsoft at E3 as a counterpoint to the Playstation 4 Neo, Playstation’s 4K console that had been leaked several months before. The Scorpio revealed to a large amount of interest after it was revealed to actually be more powerful than the Neo, with 6 teraflops of processing power.

And it doesn’t look like Microsoft is going to be slowing down any time soon with the Xbox ideas. While the Xbox One only came onto the market three years ago, both Microsoft and Sony are both constantly racing with one another to see which one can come up with the most appealing console.

After the sound drubbing that the Playstation 4 has given the Xbox One in terms of games, power, and graphics (not to mention having a better reveal than the One, which was denounced as having a great deal of intrusive and annoying concepts), new Xbox ideas that go along with the Scorpio may be Microsoft’s best option to get ahead in the sales race in the next generation.

Either way, whatever Xbox ideas that the team comes up with will hopefully get a better reception than the One did at first. While it has proven itself a good console in its own right it’s been far outstripped in sales by the Playstation 4. For the next Xbox to have a chance at overcoming whatever new Playstation console comes out, it will have to adjust not only how it works, but also the appeal of the games it has.