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Overwatch Update 1.07 Fixes Maps and Bugs on Xbox One, PS4

Overwatch update 1.07 has released today on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, fixing a number of bugs and rebalancing various maps in the game hot on the heels of Blizzard’s Overwatch presentation at Gamescom, which included a new short and a new map being revealed. The 347 megabyte update shouldn’t take too long to download, so you can download it and get playing again.

To start off with, Overwatch update 1.07 has fixed a number of maps across various modes. For instance, payload speed on Watchpoint Gibraltar has been slightly decreased to give the defenders a better chance. Respawn time for defenders has also been standardized to ten seconds on all maps.

There are also a number of other fixes placed on more specific maps. To start off with, Blizzard has finally fixed the bug in Lucioball that allows some players to play the game with other characters, instead of, you know, with Lucio. In Lucioball. A bug in Nepal that caused some players to get stuck outside the boundaries of the map has also been fixed. The Temple of Anubis has also had a texture issue fixed.

Overwatch update 1.07 has also fixed a number of other, general bugs. Bugs in the character select screen that loaded incomplete character models have been fixed, along with a number of crashes and instability issues.

As for competitive play, there are three fixes. User interfaces in various languages should now be showing up for players. A bug that caused the placement screen to come up when players joined or disconnected has also been fixed, along with a bug that blocked spectator cameras from passing through doors and force fields.

Finally, a user interface update has fixed a bug that caused group indicator links to appear when the scoreboard was accessed in a match.

Overwatch update 1.07 had already come out on PC a short time ago, but now console players can get all of the fixes that came for the PC version on their consoles.