New Dishonored 2 Screenshots Revealed at Gamescom

Dishonored 2 has been on the watch lists of many gamers, and since its gameplay was revealed at E3 2016 it’s only gotten more popular. Now, a number of new Dishonored 2 screenshots have been revealed at Gamescom, showing us yet more of what the game will look like when it releases in November of this year.

Dishonored 2 is, as you can tell from the title, a direct continuation of the first Dishonored. Years after Corvo Attano took revenge on the corrupt nobles that murdered the Empress he served, he and Emily Kaldwell, now the Empress, must once again fight against a conspiracy aiming to overthrow the Empire. Now trapped on the island of Serkonos, you play as either Corvo or Emily as you get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

From what we can see in the new Dishonored 2 screenshots, and what we saw at E3, the game looks just as gorgeous, if not more, than the first game. Far from the constantly overcast streets of Dunwall, Serkonos’s capital city of Karnaca is sunny, bright, and filled with windmills and bright colors for you to admire. You also get new enemies and enemy designs, including a variety of clockwork robots.

We see everything from panoramic views of the city and island, to concept art of its people and places, to a few screenshots of actual gameplay. Also included in the screenshots are a pair of pictures that show the game’s Imperial Assassin pack (which gives you new weapons and a few new items to help you in-game) and the Collector’s Edition, which includes a lot of new swag for you to look at.

Dishonored 2 comes out on November 11 of this year, so you can expect to wait a little bit longer before you enjoy Arkane Studios’s newest offering to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.