Metal Gear Survive Feels Like a Cheap Cash Grab, Can Konami Explain Its Odd Plot?

Metal Gear Survive, a new Metal Gear game announced by Konami, is currently being bashed all over the internet for being…Metal Gear!

There is nothing Metal Gear about it yet the name “Metal Gear” is conveniently pasted over its face. It feels like a cheap cash grab, similar to what Capcom tried to do with Umbrella Corps. The biggest complaint I personally have is that there was no need to affiliate Metal Gear Survive with Ground Zeroes. In fact, there was no need to call it “Metal Gear.”

The company is using/abusing its Metal Gear license rather than doing something meaningful.

It would have been much better if it was its own game. Turning Metal Gear into a zombie game set in alternate dimension is lunacy.

It looks like they went for convenience rather than working hard to think of a proper storyline and theme for the game.

Big Boss leaves mother base and suddenly an unexplained portal opens and sucks everything and everyone in. Now add some zombies and coop and you have yourself Metal Gear Survive.

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Still, as a critic I must keep an open mind can not judge before actually playing the game. To be honest, the trailer does seem enticing but the Metal Gear fan within screams in agony every time I see it.

And the feeling is mutual among all hardcore Metal Gear fans.

But what does Konami has to say about this new spin-off title and could they explain its ridiculous plot? Here’s a statement from Konami brand manager Richard Jones, provided to Eurogamer:

So as you can see from the trailer, Survive is set after the events of Ground Zeroes. The Mother Base that had been built up during the Peacewalker storyline gets sabotaged from within and destroyed; that all collapses into the sea. Boss and Miller managed to escape, and they go off and have a few adventures which obviously we all know from The Phantom Pain. Unfortunately, not all of the Mother Base staff get off alive, so some of them are left stranded. But, before anything else untimely happens, they end up being pulled through a wormhole. So, an unexplained wormhole opens up and pulls the staff, parts of mother base, other items and all sorts of detritus through

Even by Metal Gear standards, this plot feels like taking things too far in terms of believability. Yes, believability! Somehow it is easier to imagine a man controlling bees than seeing portal and zombies in Metal Gear universe.

Jones further spoke about the coop elements of the game and how you will need to work together as a team to survive.

So as it turns out, Konami can’t explain its ridiculous story and all we have is a lot of PR talk. Although he did say that there will be stealth elements in the game. The good news is that Metal Gear Survive won’t be a full priced release.

Expect it in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And who knows, may old-gen consoles as well.