Mafia 3 Trailer Digs Into The Marcano Crime Family

New Mafia 3 trailer is out now and brings us a look into the Marcano Crime Family. The Marcano Family under the rule of Sal Marcano killed without mercy. Innocent blood was spilled as they killed anyone who stood in their way.

The Mafia betrayed their peers without remorse and that is exactly what they did to our lead character, Lincoln Clay. Although he wasn’t the only one betrayed which means the biggest crime family in New Bordeaux has enemies; enemies that could be allies with Clay.

The Marcano family used fear to take control and rule the city.

No fear, no Sal Marcano!

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Clay rose from the ashes of their victims and is now out for revenge. The biggest and richest map ever created in a Mafia game is now your playground. The footage above will help you understand The Marcano Crime Family.

Hangar 13 released another video recently showing us early sections of the game. It explained why Sal Marcano killed those close to Lincoln Clay.

It looks like Clay was in business with Sal Marcano.

Mafia 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 7. Pre orders are now live across all platforms. You can head over to Steam, PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.