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Insta-PokeGo Is A New Pokemon Go Cheat Bot That Automates The Entire Game

Hacks and cheats are nothing new to video games, as many players use them in online gaming and get banned for it. This time a new cheat bot has emerged, and it is for Pokemon Go. This Pokemon Go cheat bot, Insta-PokeGo, automates the entire game.

According to its co-creator, Steven Bartel, the bot comes from a group of current and former Dropbox engineers. Bartel told Venturebeat, that Niantic has not taken any action against their Pokemon Go cheat bot, but expects that they will soon.

Niantic hasn’t taken action yet, but they probably will soon, as they’ve just now started to take a stronger stance against botting.

He also revealed that more than 4,000 players have used Insta-PokeGo since its launch.

In related news, according to latest survey conducted by UK polling company YouGov, 13% of UK’s population, that is about 6.1 million adults, downloaded the app since its launch. Out of those people 13 percent left the game and the remaining 5.3 million are still playing Pokemon Go.

Recently, Niantic CEO John Hanke talked about sponsorship deals for Pokemon Go and the impact of the game on local businesses. He discussed the pressure of Pokemon Go sponsorship model that would be economically strong and viable.

He also said that the game has a very positive impact on the local businesses, as when players visit new places while looking for Pokemon they memorize the place and often visit them.

Gamers will memorise the locations of these local businesses, they’ll visit them more frequently, and they’ll make purchases when they’re there. Then you see that ad hoc validation from all the small businesses that have adapted that strategy themselves, just buying lures through in-app purchases and applying them to Pokéstops nearby.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android.