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Checkout The Gears Of War 4 Graphics Settings For PC

PC gamers were more than excited when it was revealed that Gears Of War 4 will release for PC along Xbox One. However, some PC gamers had concerns that it would be an unoptimized PC port like Quantum Break, and will have very limited graphics options. Well, Gears Of War 4 graphics settings have been revealed, so you would be the judge of that.

During Gamescom 2016 Microsoft revealed some PC gameplay to the press. The Gears Of War 4 graphics settings came from a Youtube channel, HomeCinema-FR, who was at the event and recorded the Gears Of War 4 menu screens.

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You would be surprised that developer The Coalition has done a great job on the PC port of Gears Of War 4, and there are slew of graphics options.

The PC port offers the basic options like resolution, vertical synchronization, brightness, FOV and frame rate limiter. For Textures the game offers six options namely:

  • Character Texture Detail.
  • World Texture Detail.
  • Vehicle Texture Detail.
  • Effects Texture Detail.
  • Lightning Texture Detail.
  • Texture Filtering.

Under the Visual Settings the PC version of Gears Of War 4 gives 10 options.

  • Shadow Quality.
  • Post Process Quality.
  • Anti-Aliasing Quality.
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality.
  • Ambient Occlusion Intensity.
  • Light Shaft Quality.
  • Light Scattering Quality.
  • Lens Flare Quality.
  • Bloom Quality.
  • Motion Blur.

Now you must be wondering that The Coalition has done a great job on the PC port, which offers so many graphical options. However, these above mentioned are just the basic Gears Of War 4 graphical settings, as there are more in the advanced options.

The Advanced Visual settings include:

  • Grass Draw Distance.
  • World Level Of Detail.
  • Character Level Of Detail.
  • Screen Space Reflections.
  • Environment Reflections.

For Real Time Cinematics there are just two options Depth Of Field and Sub Surface Scattering, and there are still more Gears OF War 4 graphical settings to follow which include:

  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling.
  • Dynamic Resolution Amount.
  • Multi GPU.
  • ASYNC Compute.
  • Tiled Resources.
  • Aliased Render Targets.

The Coalition has definitely done a great job on the PC version of Gears Of War 4, and we hope that it would be a great game.

Gears Of War 4 is scheduled to release on October 11 for PC and Xbox One.