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Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition Will Not Include Season Pass

Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, while fans are not happy about it but it will be good if we get a more polished game. Recently, game director, Hajime Tabata, answered question from fans in a question answer session on Twiiter, where he also talked about Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition.

During the question answer session, Hajime confirmed that Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition will not include the season pass. This means that those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Collector’s Edition will have to separately buy the season pass for Final Fantasy XV.

Also the season pass will not be included in Fianl Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition, which comes with Kingsglaive Blu-ray and a Steel Book. Hajime also revealed that there will be no more Ultimate Collector’s Edition. He said that he looked into making more UCE for Final Fantasy XV, but he was told that no more can be made available.

Will the Ultimate collectors edition contain the season pass?- sadly no & we looked into making more UCE but we were told we still can’t.

Square Enix recently revealed the season pass for the game, and it will grant access to six pieces of DLCs.

The season pass can be purchased separately, or can also be obtained with premium edition which includes full game and Final Fantasy XV season pass for $84.99.

Recently, Final Fantasy XV’s World Art Director, Isamu Kamikokuryo, said that the level of Final Fantasy XV photorealism that can be achieved was far greater than expected, this is probably because of the console power of the current generation.

In the past, we designed image boards for detailed concept art that the team would take and re-create in the game. With Final Fantasy XV, the level of photorealism that can be achieved was far greater than our expectations. When we actually went in and created the environments in the game, it ended up feeling unnatural, so we would identify those areas and make the necessary adjustments and improve on it further.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.