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Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation Exclusive Content Locked Down Until Fall 2017

Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation exclusive content won’t be releasing on Xbox One anytime soon. Bungie won’t release The Taken King PlayStation exclusive content on Xbox One till at least fall 2017.

The official Bungie website updated the game and made sure it was clear that Xbox One isn’t getting PlayStation exclusive content until late 2017. This is unlike how things were handled previously.

All of the PlayStation Exclusive content eventually released on Xbox One but did it took this long. It looks like Bungie has made some adjustments to its agreement with Sony.

One wonders if that will also be the case with Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron is the final expansion for Destiny and will release later this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Once again, it will feature some PlayStation Exclusive content.

From the looks of it, Rise of Iron’s PlayStation Exclusive content may also not release to Xbox One until fall 2017.

Bungie is working on another Destiny game apparently. The studio is expected to show Destiny 2 next year and hopefully, with a much stronger storyline as compared to the original game.

What’s disappointing about Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation exclusive content being delayed is that Destiny 2 will completely overshadow Destiny 1 until this content hits.

All those quests missions won’t really be interesting to the community.

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