Skyrim: Special Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

One of the more interesting things that Bethesda revealed at E3 2016 was the existence of a Skyrim: Special Edition, an upgraded version of Skyrim that has better graphics and all of the pre-existing DLC attached to it. Now, you can pre-order the game for yourself, from retailers like Steam, Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

The game itself will be available on October 28, just a few months away. Skyrim was one of the best-selling games of 2016, and told the story of your character, the Dragonborn, as they made their way through the land of Skyrim to battle dragons that threatened to destroy the world.

The Skyrim: Special Edition gives you the opportunity to explore Skyrim like never before, and will also include mods to play with on consoles and the PC, much like Bethesda’s previous game Fallout 4, which pioneered the “mods on consoles” idea.

Apparently some consoles also have the ability to pre-load the game, though it’s not fully activated. Why would you pre-load it anyway, considering that the game won’t be coming out for at least another nine weeks?

In addition to all of the DLC and mods, the Skyrim: Special Edition game will come with remastered graphics, including better lighting, better textures, depth of field, and new water and snow shading effects.

With all of this new content, Bethesda’s newest game will likely be one of the more popular to come out this year, even after Fallout 4 came out in November of 2015. It also gives players the opportunity to buy one of the more critically acclaimed games of the last generation to play it again, especially if they never got the opportunity to download the game’s DLC.

Either way, you can now pre-order the game from a variety of online and physical retailers, and will likely be able to do the same on consoles as well.