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Pokemon Go Players Are Bothering Pokemon Sun And Moon Producer Junichi Masuda

Pokemon Go have been in the news ever since its launch for all the good and bad reasons. While so much players are plying the game, there are bound to be many of those not happy with the game, and this has created problems for Pokemon Sun And Moon producer. As those players are complaining to them instead of Niantic.

According to reports, a lot of angry Pokemon Go players have been complaining about the game to Pokemon Sun And Moon producer Junichi Masuda. Now you can imagine that how Masuda is bothered by this as he has not been involved in the development of Pokemon Go.

However, Masuda has admitted that he indeed helped with some aspects of Pokemon Go like game design and music. He said that he understands that gamers are complaining about POkemon Go, but they are directing their complaints to the wrong place.

The ranting started to really bothered Masuda so he disabled comments on his blog and also posted “After talking this over with various individuals, I’m temporarily suspending the comments section”.

Masuda did disabled the comments, but he did not abandoned the players, as he posted the details for where these gamers can register their complaint regarding Pokemon Go.

In related news, Global Link is returning to Pokemon Sun And Moon with new features. Also for the first time players will be able to make friendly competitions using Global Link.

Moreover, players will be able to create custom parameters for other players to enter the competitions. Once a player sets up these parameters and creates their Friendly Competition, they will be given a QR code which can be shared with other players. Those who scan it can then enter the competition.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is in development at Game Feak and is scheduled to release on November 18 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.