New Battlefront Game Mode in Deathstar DLC Detailed

When Star Wars Battlefront first came out, one of its chief complaints was the lack of space battles, which had been in Battlefront 2. Now, a new Battlefront game mode will be coming out with the release of the Death Star map pack that will hopefully address some of these concerns.

Entitled “Battle Station”, the game mode is a way to replace the space battles of the old game with a three-phase game that re-enacts the destruction of the Death Star itself. It’s sort of like an expansion on Fighter Squadron, the chaotic team-based game mode where the Rebels and the Empire clashed over the surface of a planet in X-wings and A-wings, and TIE fighters and interceptors.

The first phase of the new Battlefront game mode will essentially be Fighter Squadron in space, with Rebel and Imperial starfighters fighting against one another for points. The Rebels must destroy enough TIE fighters for Y-wings to come in and do bombing runs on the Star Destroyer that the TIE fighters are protecting.

Phase 2 involves Rebel troops actually landing on the Death Star and extracting a very important droid from Imperial captivity. Han Solo and Chewbacca are two heroes that will be playable for the Rebel side during this phase.

Finally, phase 3 of the new Battlefront game mode is going into space again, but this time fighting on the Death Star’s surface itself in an attempt to destroy the battle station. Two new hero ships will be available to play in this phase: Luke Skywalker’s X-wing, and Darth Vader’s personal TIE starfighter, the TIE Advanced X1.

In addition to this new Battlefront game mode, the Death Star pack for Star Wars Battlefront will include new heroes in the form of Bossk and Chewbacca, new weapons, new Star Cards, and new maps as well. The Death Star pack will come out sometime in December.