Dev Discusses Detective Aspect Of Batman Arkham VR And Why It Relies Heavily On Narrative

There is no doubt that Rocksteady nailed almost every aspect of Batman, over the course of three Arkham titles. However, the only aspect of Batman Arkham games that was a bit of a disappointment was the detective aspect, as it was not much used in the games but Batman Arkham VR relies heavily on it.

According to Rocksteady itself, the detective element of Batman was not properly explored in the series. However, investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice will be the main aspect of Batman Arkham VR.

Speaking with Gamespot, Rocksteady’s brand marketing manager, Dax Ginn, talked about the pressure on the narrative team, as they can’t rely on action to carry the experience in VR.

According to Dax, the narrative is critical to batman Arkham VR and the elements of the previous games just does not fit in anymore.

The narrative is critical. We can’t just do what we’ve done on previous Arkham games. All of those systems don’t really apply anymore, but the good news for us is that I think we’ve always been good at telling Batman stories. We’ve got our colleagues at DC to run things past, collaborate on the story with, and figure out what characters to include, so narrative is something we take very seriously.

He added that crime investigation is a critical part of Batman Arkham VR. However, it will not be as simple as it sounds.

The crime scene investigation of the demo sets up that this is a murder mystery. The overarching story is about identifying who killed Nightwing, but it’s obviously not as simple as that; it gets complicated and takes you places you didn’t expect. In amongst Batman’s search for truth, he ends up visiting legendary places within Gotham City. There’s a load of places I can’t tell you about because they’re massive spoilers. We approach the narrative in a similar way to how we have done in previous games: iconic places within Gotham and a complex, evolving story are part of that.

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