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New Civilization 6 Video Shows Off Germany and Frederick Barbarossa

A new Civilization 6 video has been released onto the internet, and in it we get a close-up look at Germany, one of the civilizations that you’ll be playing in the latest version of Sid Meier’s classic franchise. The faction will be led this time around by Frederick Barbarossa, one of the Holy Roman Emperors.

A member of two of the leading German noble families, Frederick Barbarossa ascended to the throne of the collection of city-states, duchies, kingdoms, and other small nations that made up the Holy Roman Empire.

In history today he’s mainly known for two reasons: his thick red beard (hence his name Barbarossa, which is “red beard” in Italian), and dying an ignoble death in the Third Crusade, where he drowned attempting to cross a river while on his way to help Richard the Lionheart in the Middle East.

In the Civilization 6 video, Germany is shown to be influenced a great deal by Barbarossa’s history. As someone that fought many wars in order to restore the Empire to its former glory, Barbarossa gives Germany military units a combat bonus when fighting city-states, making them easier targets to conquer. Germany also gets an additional government slot for them.

In addition to that, German cities also benefit from the German civilization’s Imperial Cities bonus. This bonus allows them to have one more district than the total population limit would allow, giving you an advantage over other civilizations.

Germany also gets a unique district for itself that replaces the Industrial District: the Hansa. Named after a group of cities and small countries known as the Hanseatic League, a trade group that dominated trade in the Baltic and North Seas, the Hansa gives a production bonus if it’s placed near a commercial hub, resources, or adjacent districts.

But Germany’s medieval glory isn’t the only part of the country that makes it in. Germany’s unique sea unit, the U-boat (short for Unterseeboot) gives them a decisive advantage when fighting in the open ocean.

The Civilization 6 video shows off pretty much every production bonus that Germany has, and with all of its other attributes, the civilization is a good jack-of-all-trades that can pursue any victory type.