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We Will Also See Borussia Dortmund in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

We’ll be seeing Borussia Dortmund in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, adding yet another name to the list of football clubs that Konami will be bringing into the game when it releases in the first half of September. Borussia Dortmund will be playing alongside Liverpool and Arsenal, the other two football clubs that are in the game.

Other clubs aside from those three that are in the game include FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and others. Dortmund is part of the Bundesliga, the German national soccer league. Top partners like Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 give Konami permission to use the likenesses of their players, including their kit, anthems, playing style, and stadium (in this case, the Signal Iduna Park.)

You will be seeing Borussia Dortmund in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 after a free update that will come after the game’s release. This is in stark contrast to the FIFA series, where Borussia Dortmund is apparently only lightly associated with the game (one of its players, Marco Reus, is on the game’s cover).

Konami and EA Sports have been competing against each other for a long time attempting to one-up each other for which soccer game is the best. As both Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and FIFA 17 will be releasing in the same month, whichever one can impress soccer fans more is the one that’s going to be successful.

Both franchises are doing their best in this. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 prides itself on increased control of the ball and better playing mechanics, though it isn’t skimping on the graphics, either.

FIFA 17 is going for a more graphical superiority, using the Frostbite 3 engine to model its players and stadiums. The game will also have a story mode in addition to its career mode, called “The Journey.”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 releases on September 13 in North America, and will be releasing in Europe and Asia on September 15.