Why PS4 Needs DualShock 4 Elite Controller In The Wake of Xbox One Elite Controller

Microsoft’s statement that Xbox One S controller is the best controller ever made highly undermined Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. The controller gives Scuf Controller a run for its money at a much less price point. While Sony’s DualShock 4, by no means, is a bad controller; should Sony consider DualShock 4 Elite Controller in the wake of Xbox Elite Wireless Controller?

Despite a number of improvements that Sony made to DualShock 4, a bunch of users have reported their concerns regarding the build quality of the controller – that and controller’s battery life. After extensive usage, players have reported rubber tearing off from analogue sticks and sticking triggers – not to mention the trackpads malfunctioning.

Why Sony Needs DualShock 4 Elite Controller

Those of you who like to play multiplayer FPS games, the Xbox One Elite Controller is a godsend. You no longer need to take your fingers off analogue sticks in order to toss a grenade, use abilities, or reload – all this can be done at the same time without sacrificing your accuracy using the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Aside from FPS games, the build quality of Xbox One Elite Controller is leaps ahead of Sony’s DualShock 4. Even after extensive usage and applying more-than-required pressure on the controller, it does not seem to creak or make any sounds whatsoever! In addition to this, the controller is highly customizable to experience different game genres, the way you want!

The controller has a premium feel to it with its monochromatic finish, high quality fabric on the analogue sticks, and shining buttons. All in all, it is a controller design that Sony can benefit with, especially when considering that the company is looking forward to reveal PS Neo this fall.

What is your take on this? Do you think Sony can benefit from DualShock 4 Elite Controller with Playstation Neo or DualShock 4 will suffice? Let us know in the comments section below!